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Opside x Galxe: Pre-alpha Testnet Carnival

Join Opside's Incentivized Pre-alpha Testnet Campaign and earn Loyalty Points on Galxe!


Cheered up by enthusiasm and positive sentiment around the Linea Voyage Campaign, we're teaming up with Opside to bring you another unprecedented opportunity to sneak peak into the future of blockchain technology!

Backed by NGC Ventures and Ventures, Opside is a decentralized ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup-as-a-Service) network featuring Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) mining. With rollup SDKs and hybrid consensus of PoW and PoS, Opside envisions and strives for a future that's more decentralized, scalable, and secure.

With the launch of its pre-alpha testnet, Opside invites you on a thrilling ride through a world of cutting-edge blockchain solutions, inventive gaming experiences, and unmatched community engagement!

Welcome to the exhilarating Opside Pre-alpha Testnet Carnival on Galxe, where you will unveil and experience the power of Opside's features, scalability, and security, while joining a community of early adopters and pioneers to discover the innovative potential of the Opside network before its official launch.


Throughout the Carnival, you are challenged to complete a series of on and off-chain tasks to gain deeper understanding of Opside's initiatives, bridge on Opside's testnet, create and deploy your own ZK-Rollup, and more!

You can then claim and accumulate Loyalty Points on Galxe by successfully completing the tasks to rank up on Opside's leaderboard and unlock exclusive benefits. Loyalty points, according to Opside team, can be redeemed as mainnet token at a later stage. Step right up and witness history in the making at the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet Carnival!


Let's explore a new frontier in blockchain technology together! Join the Carnival now!

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