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Nodeist | Professional PoS Validator
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Ended is a professional proof-of-stake validator, dedicated to validating transactions and securing blockchains across various ecosystems. We provide reliable infrastructures and support for 30+ blockchains , and we have more than 100k+ customers.

Staking is the process of securing a digital asset to ensure economic stability for a public blockchain. You have the ability to contribute to the network's security, granting you the right to vote on governance proposals and to receive staking rewards.

You can start staking your asset using the Keplr wallet. We will publish an article soon for more information.

Of course. Our services are non-custodial, meaning that you are the only owner of your assets which stay safe in your wallet.

Once you have staked your assets with us, you will be able to claim your staking rewards directly on your wallet.


May 29: Mainnet launch

About us

  • Our mission is to identify and support ambitious entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries of technology, with a focus on the Cosmos ecosystem. We employ a long-term and flexible investment approach, providing capital, strategic guidance, and support to drive ecosystem growth. We are committed to identifying and investing in the most innovative projects that have the potential to disrupt the industry.