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About Us


Nodeist is founded by a group of technology professionals who focus on providing the highest quality infrastructure and services for public blockchain networks. We believe that a decentralized world is what the future holds, and we want to be a part of it by being a blockchain validator.

Nodeist services provided

Our philosophy is centered around going beyond validation and providing a wide range of services to teams we believe in, such as relaying, dashboards, public endpoints, and snapshots.
Our ultimate goal is to help these teams succeed and contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. On this page, you can find a comprehensive list of all the technical contributions and services we offer to support the projects we work with. Thank you for choosing Nodeist as your blockchain security and support provider

We have 6 main
infrastructure products


Nodeist provides state-sync servers and guides. Node operators can quickly sync up a node with minimum storage requirement.

Node Snapshot

Nodeist provides node snapshots for node operators to quickly sync up a node. These nodes are frequently state-synced to reduce the storage requirement.

Public RPC, API and gRPC

Nodeist offers public RPC endpoints.

Node Operator Support

Nodeist offers many other miscellaneous node operator supporting tools.

Interchain Upgrade Watcher

We keep track of network upgrades, provide upgrade guides and show live consensus progress at the upgrade height.

Testnet Labs

While the above products are designed for mainnets, we also offer supports for many testnets with the similar suite of product offerings.