Stake with Nodeist


How can I join Stakebackback?

You can join the system by following the steps on the Stakeback page. If you are looking for a more detailed guide, you can check out this article:

The email verification email is not coming. Why?

The verification email may have been sent but ended up in your spam or junk folder.Please check there.

You may have entered your email address incorrectly when signing up. To confirm this, try signing up again, ensuring that you input your email correctly. If you receive a message stating that the email address is already registered in the system but still haven't received a verification email, you can contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

How are balances calculated?

The calculation is calculated as half of our commission percentage. For example, you have staked 10000 tokens on a validator with a 10% commission rate, in this case the monthly value of 10% return of 10000 Tokens is calculated, we will refund 50% of our 10% commission.

My balance hasn't been updated. Why?

Balances are checked and updated during the last week of each month. If you suspect that your balance hasn't been updated, please confirm the following: Have you correctly entered your wallet adress in the Stakeback interface? If you can confirm all of the above and still believe there is an issue, please contact us at [email protected] using your registered email address and provide details of at least one transaction that you believe should have been recorded in the system, including the date and market type. Our team will investigate and get back to you.

My balance is lower than I expected. Why?

Potential reason: Our validator commission rate may be low so you will get low refund from validator with low commission.

How often are balances updated?

Most of the time balances are updated monthly and payments are reflected in the user's wallet on during the last week of the month. You can then initiate the withdrawal request.

Which wallet address should I give when withdrawing money?

Each project has its own wallet addresses. For example, the wallet addresses for Gitopia are gitopia.... or humans.... for Humans AI. Whichever cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, you must provide a wallet address of that coin.

How can I collaborate with Stakeback?

You can contact us at [email protected].