About Us

We provide a safe architecture for staking

We are a highly skilled and dedicated team with decades of experience in the fields of software development, highly available IT infrastructure, cryptography and financial services. Part of our mission is to help other teams or donate some of our earnings to social cases, we have in place audits, procedures and controls for our operations, entushiastic and eager to learn something new!

Validator Physically located in Data Center Park Helsinki, Finland

Our servers have ISO 27001 certificate, which is an internationally accepted standard on information security.


To support the blockchain communities, we also run IBC relayers for the Cosmos ecosystem at our own cost. Currently, we have seven relayer hubs.


We actively participate in the on-chain governance, engage with the community on Discord, and run testnet/devnet nodes when needed. We try our best to be a good community member in addition to providing the validation service

Most importantly

we open-source our scripts and provide community tools for validators and delegators alike..

Mainnet Services

You can find some of the mainnet services we offer in the list below:

Testnet Services

You can find some of the testnet services we offer in the list below:

Let's build together!