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Ojo’s Agamotto Network is LIVE


We've spoken about it recently, but now we're happy to announce the launch of Agamotto, Ojo's Network that is now live! This launch phase brings us one step closer to our goal; to become the first cross-chain price oracle to generate authentic, real-time price feeds for all IBC assets in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Today will mark the start of our launch into the mainnets of a number of permissionless chains within the Cosmos ecosystem. These platforms will be receiving manipulation-proof feeds on the prices of the tokens that our validators will be providing for Cosmos-first IBC assets with sufficient liquidity. DeFi protocols can now start to adopt these feeds from the moment we deploy a contract to them.

Our validators will be running our price feeder to access multiple APIs to collect a wide range of price data off-chain that will then be voted upon and communicated in real-time to these chains. We're up to an 18-second latency on price feeds, which is a massive improvement up the previous 30-second speed.

The goal is to eventually get to a point where we can provide feeds for more than 60 assets to protocols within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond! Stay tuned to see which IBC tokens we will be relaying feeds for in the next couple of weeks!

With the launch of Agamotto, we'll also be testing out a new airdrop module, as a chance to improve the community reward system going forward. Keep an eye out for announcements on that very soon.

As DeFi grows to become more commonplace, we rise with it to become the first Cosmos price oracle, soon to provide true and secure price feeds for all Cosmos and cross-chain assets.

Learn more about us on the Ojo Network, or join our Discord to get the latest updates!​