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Humans: Company updates - July 2023 Edition


Hey there, dear friend!

Buckle up for a mind-blowing journey as we unveil the latest and greatest from the extraordinary world of

In case you missed it, let's rewind to the end of Q2. Brace yourself for some groundbreaking news: has accomplished what few crypto projects have dared to dream. We proudly present to you our very own blockchain! 🌐✨

With an awe-inspiring team of developers, we've crafted one of the most promising and revolutionary blockchains known to humanity—the astounding Blockchain of AIs. 🤖💥

It's the culmination of our ambitious mission, which began nearly two years ago when we embarked on this captivating adventure.

But wait, there's more! Our triumph has reverberated across the globe, capturing the attention of specialized publications and even the mainstream media. The world now knows that our grand Blockchain of AIs launched. 🌍📣

And remember, we promised to keep pushing the boundaries. We're committed to constructing an environment where AIs can flourish ethically, safely, and transparently. The Humans ecosystem, powered by the mighty $Heart AI Token, aspires to democratize artificial intelligence. 🌱🔒🌈

Imagine a future where anyone—yes, even you—can own, control, or invest in AI. A world where researchers and developers can monetize their ingenious creations by tapping into the immense potential of the infrastructure. 💡💼💰

Hold onto your seats because there's more in store! We can't forget about you, our amazing community! Prepare yourselves for another round of staking. We've got something special cooked up just for you. Find all the juicy details in this edition of our electrifying newsletter. ⚡

Let's conquer new horizons and forge a future where humans and AIs coexist harmoniously. The adventure has only just begun, and we're ecstatic to have you on board!

Stay tuned for more mind-expanding updates. Until then, keep dreaming big, my friend!

Yours in the marvels of technology,

The Team 🌟

🚀 Live Event: Oxford University hosts Romania's AI Government Adviser robot ION

In a historic event, the world's first AI government adviser, the ION AI robot, created by as part of the Romanian AI initiative, took center stage at Oxford University. The prestigious institution hosted a special session titled 'Advancing Governance with AI: Exploring Romania's ION Project,' where Oxford researchers engaged in thought-provoking conversations about the potential of AI in enhancing governance.

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🚀 Humans OnAIr Podcast

In a new episode of the Humans OnAIr Podcast, our colleague and host Bart Veenam invited a special guest: Gabrielė Poteliūnaitė, Investment Manager at Heartfelt / APX. We are not going to tell you what the two discussed, so you would do well to listen to the podcast entirely. Take our word for granted, especially if you want to discover the world of startups and the investment wave VCs are riding these days.

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🚀 Launching a new pre-staking program with 37% APR 📈

The new pre-staking program will officially launch on 18 July 2023 and will implement a locked rewards system. All rewards will be locked for 3 months. We call this the last pre-staking program because once the Synapse Blockchain Bridge will be launched, you will be able to stake natively on the Humans Blockchain.

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